Word Families with Google Slides for Distance Learning

Using word families to increase the number of words a child can master is very effective. Instead of learning a couple of words per spelling pattern, a child can learn many more words without much extra effort, making it an efficient way to learn new words. I have always had my students make new words with magnets, rubber stamps, dry erase markers,...whatever we could find. Well, now we need to do things a little differently. Making words with Google Slides is a great way to achieve this method of word work in our new distance learning world.
Learning to read can be difficult so beginning with words that follow a particular pattern is a less confusing way to help our younger students learn to read. Word families or 'chunks' provide that predictable pattern and since the words rhyme, it makes them fun to read!
I hope this making words pack will help you with your distance learning challenges. Click here to get your free packet.
You are wonderful and your students love you. Keep fighting the good fight and stay safe!