Alliteration Spinners are a HUGE Hit!

I love teaching alliteration to my kiddos (some of you already know that about me) and wanted a quick and easy way to help them learn. I have my humongous alliteration pack, but I wanted to make something simpler. I came up with a spinner idea . . . I just had to print, laminate, and USE! 
I gave the kids a paper clip to use as a spinner and they were ready to roll... or spin I guess I should say! There are 5 different spinners on each letter page to give the kids ideas for their sentences.  
I decided to do this as a whole class activity, but it could definitely be used in a small group or at stations. Here's the way I got going. 
  • Give each child a 'spinner' page and paper clip.
  • Kids spin the paper clip to find a name, who (or what), where, with what, and adjectives to describe those things.
  • Kids write the words from the spinner in the correct boxes on the 'sloppy copy' page. 
  • They then write a sentence using words from the boxes.
  • Have them use describing words to make the sentences more interesting and colorful. 
  • I checked the sentences on the sloppy copy and provided a final page for the published sentence. 
  • The kids illustrated their sentences and shared them with the class.
    The kids had such a blast and asked to do more with the  Alliteration Spinners! Getting kids excited about learning is half the battle! SCORE!