Getting Creative for Fall Writing!

Getting creative in writing is often hard for students. They get stuck on coming up with ideas, finding the perfect topic, and narrowing their focus. Writing is supposed to be fun and often students can't look past the mechanics of writing and just WRITE! 
I am throwing ideas out for writing this fall. I often start with books for writing, even picture books at the upper level 4th and 5th (yes, GASP!); they love picture books they just won't admit it. 


Here are some great fall books that may start some conversation in your teaching and with your students: 

Leaf Man Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert is a early elementary picture book, BUT it has great creative thinking about Leaf Man's journey which might spark an interest in creating their own story. BONUS: Get outside and do a leaf rubbing of their own Leaf Man to go along with their story. 

The Leaf Thief

The Leaf Thief is a cute story about a squirrel trying to find out what is happening to his missing leaf. Think of this story as a model for other animals that may be missing something. 

  Hiking Day by Anne Rockwell cronicles a family on a hike through the woods. A great book for descriptive language, but also for creating a story about their own hike or journey somewhere. 

Leif and the Fall describes a leaf and how he is afraid to fall to the ground. Leif comes up with many STEAM ways to conquer how he will not touch the ground. Another great idea for the class to come up with their own ways or a lead in to the Egg Drop Project. 
Now it's time to WRITE! I have created a fun creative writing activity for students using the 5 senses, but check out other resources that may help you with your students. 

35 Writing Prompts Perfect for the Fall Season

Have fun getting creative!