Give Your Students a Little Swagger!

In the past, I've used behavior beads as an incentive for my kids. Then, I saw brag tags and really wanted to get them. . . but they are a tad expensive. So, what do you think I did? Of course, I made my own Swag Tags. 
I decided to make them dog tag shaped and bought some ball and chain necklaces  to hang the tags on. I searched all around and finally found a good deal for them on Amazon. I bought the 100 pack so I will have enough for the next few years. . . That should get me to retirement age!  Here are the ones I bought:

I store my tags in a divider box and use  Post-it Flags (680-EG-ALT)  to divide them by topic. I also put them in ABC order so they are easy to find. (I put everything in ABC order!) 
Sharpie Retractable Ultra Fine Point Permanent Markers 3 Colored Markers(1735794) is what I use to put their name on it. I do this before I hang a tag on a child's necklace. 

I also put a bead in between the tags so people can admire the accomplishments of my little rock stars.  

I have a spot where the kids hang their swag tags. That way, they have a place to store them at the end of the day, or when they don't want to wear them. Some kids like to leave them hanging and just stop to look at them once in awhile. Others, wear them for awhile, then take them off for lunch, P.E., etc. It's interesting to watch!

My munchkins are absolutely loving these tags. They earn them for working their way up our 'Super Improver' Chart and for all sorts of other accomplishments as well. 
Just click the pic to check out the freebie if you would like to get started with swag tags in your classroom! I've got more, but I need to get the covers done. . . Never enough time in a day!