Literacy Station Ideas and FREEBIES!

Do you want to change up your literacy stations? I wanted to focus this week on changing up those Literacy Stations or Word Work. I know I need to freshen up things, especially during the holidays to keep kids engaged while I am conferencing with students. I NEED students to be able to do activities independently or work with a partner without a million questions.
 I have pulled together some EASY and ENGAGING ideas that can be done now to work into your stations as an independent, partner, or whole group activity. 

I find that these activities are engaging for students because they do have to think a little harder. It's easier for them because it's the alphabet and changes are you have an alphabet strip on their desk or around the room as an already built-in tool to help them!

Use the ABC to the 2nd letter as a motivational tool that if they get done they can level up and do the Holiday ABC Order to the 3rd letter! Or have students make a list of holiday words (keep it small to around 10) and then put them in order or have the class collaborate on a list for that week leading up to the holidays! An easy change up and it gets the students involved. 

Kids LOVE these spinners! You can add a few books for them to look at when they get finished or use them as a whole class read-aloud prior to this station if you haven't taught it at all. See below for some suggestions for Alliteration.
I have used alliterations to make a whole class book. Each student does their own sentence and then illustrates it. I then bind using the comb binder at school or you can easily put them in a cheap 3 ring binder (use a protective sleeve if you want them to last longer). 
See a preview of them below!

The kids love creating these and they can easily be used as a writing activity once complete. 
They can use their Food Character as inspiration for writing! 
Check out this video to see more!


Check out these other FREEBIE ideas! 

I love the Thanksgiving Word Bump because you can use with any grade level!
Have fun doing a REFRESH on your Work Stations or store ideas for LATER!
I would love to see what you come up with.