Play a Virtual Escape for Your Next Get-Together - How to Get Started!

Have you ever taken your kids to an escape room? They are a ton of fun, but it can be difficult to get everyone there to play. Why not try a virtual escape room? Family and friends can play the online escape room through practically any screen-sharing program. They are a collaborative choice for a party or team building activity.


Once the game is started, everyone will check out the clues and solve puzzles together which takes good communication. Allow players to participate and share ideas, especially the ideas that are outside the box. That kind of thinking can help win the escape!

Pen and Paper? Check!

In our virtual escape rooms, you may need to listen, decipher, or interact with the puzzles and clues. Take screenshots or write down information to make the puzzles easier to solve. You also need to pay attention to items that you might not think are important, because it may be needed later in the game.

Playing Together While Far Apart

If you are going to play the virtual escape rooms with people not in the same place, you will need a screen-sharing platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will want to have a good understanding of the platform before playing in this way. Another way to play would be to have kids in different parts of the house with computers. See which team can finish first!

All Ideas Needed!

It will take out of the box thinking to solve puzzles in a virtual escape game. Some activities will need to be looked at in a different way, so everyone's ideas are essential. Puzzles that seem impossible to one person, may be easy for someone else. If no one is able to figure it out, clues will appear between 2-3 minutes which can be clicked on if desired. 


Check One Out Today!

Try out your first virtual escape room now! We are just getting started, but plan to create more escapes for your next Holiday party, Family Game Night, or Birthday party!

Features of Our Escape Rooms

⭐ Interactive, animated puzzles
⭐ Play with one link, all gameplay is inside the escape room!
⭐ Play as many times as you want
⭐ Play with as many players as you want for one price!
⭐ Completely virtual so can play online or in person
⭐ Hints and answers are embedded