Probability Activities and Games for Elementary Students

Hands On Probability Activities for Elementary Students

Probability Activity Elementary
First, I go and purchase the Welch's Fruit Snacks (not sponsored). You can buy these from Target, Walmart, Kroger, Amazon ~really any store. You do not need these specific snacks. You can use this with Skittles, M & M's and any other snack, but I have found it works best with these because of the shapes and the amount per bag. I have used it with other snacks, but love the shape of these and they are not as sticky as other snacks. 
Probability Activity Elementary
Next, you'll want to print off your sheets. You can make a packet or print and hand out a page at a time. It really depends how much time you will have to complete. The students will predict before they open on how many are in the bag. Then the activity walks them through the process of making a tally chart, bar graph, and spinner for the data. I usually make a packet for the students and just make sure no one turns the page before instructed.  
Probability Activity Elementary 
The directions are super EASY to follow. It leads you step by step to complete the questions, graphs, and charts. The hardest part for the students is not eating them!
Probability Activities for Elementary Students
Probability Activity Video
Check out this preview of the Probability Activity using snacks! Students love being able to guess and then of course eat their data, but they are having fun while learning. The probability activity has very user friendly language students will understand and be able to follow. 

Probability Digital Escape Room

If you don't have time or aren't fully teaching probability yet, you can use this Digital Escape Room to introduce the concept to students or reinforce it. It can be used for St. Patrick's Day, but really you could use any time of the year. Students love that they are being independent in this digital probability activity, but also completing each level for the clues. 
I found these FREE Probability Exit Tickets you could use once you have completed your unit. I would love to see pictures of your students using their snacks to learn about probability. 
I hope you have a great time doing this fun and hands on activity! I would love to hear feedback or see any pictures. Enjoy!