Top Ten Digital Resources for Your Classroom

Here's a great list of resources for distance learning for your students to have fun, as well as little prep for educators. There is a variety here, but not all that I have, so check out my store for more resources!

Here's my Top 10 for Digital Learning

10. Minecraft Creative Writing 

Getting kids to write is hard, but this is SO easy and the students love it. I promise you your students will write with this and have fun doing it. They get to choose objects, scenes, and different characters. They will have a blast!

9. Narrated Digital Math Mysteries

If you haven't had a chance to use this, I think you will find these are super easy to use. They are narrated for those learners that cannot read well or need extra support. I have several of these for different seasons.

8. Word Ladders

This is by far the best! Kids LOVE these word ladders. This bundle has them both paper and digital so you can use them for students no matter where they are!

This educational, fun, and engaging digital escape has the students going door-to-door trick or treating and along the way they have to answer questions about synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms, and fact and opinion.

6. Let's Go to Mexico

This is a great way for students to learn about another country and cultures. There are informational passages, videos, a listening language page, and a quiz. 
You can try the paper workbook, as well. 

5. Halloween Digital Escapes

A fun, engaging, interactive activity for Halloween, this digital escape is just the thing to get your students working together to solve the mystery. It's a great activity for that hair-raising week before Halloween! Fun and engaging, too!

4. Mini Escape Rooms

 These are short reading passages about the topic or person with a video, facts, and a short puzzle at the end. These are great as a distance learning option or to leave for a substitute.

3. Create a Jack-o-Lantern Digital Art Activity

This creative digital art activity is a fun way to get students excited about writing a story about their creations! Easy to use and the kids can't stretch the images because it is an EASEL by Teachers Pay Teachers activity!

2. Grammar Escape Rooms Growing Bundle

These escapes include information and videos about the part of speech. Then, students use the skill they learned to solve a puzzle. Currently, there is an escape for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and interjections. Buy it now to save money on the complete bundle!

1. Social Studies Escapes

These escapes are a great way to wrap up units of study in your classroom. I have escapes for immigration, the Oregon Trail, and Black History Month.
I hope this list gives you some ideas to use for your students and your digital classroom!