When to Capitalize Nouns - A Fun, Free Game to Practice!

Common and proper nouns are one of the skills that can make teachers stress because it seems like kids never use capital letters! Or, they use them all the time! This can be a tricky skill and hard to remember for learners.
This 'Spin-a-Noun' game makes writing nouns correctly, fun!

All you need to do is:
  1. print the spinner you want to use with your class.
  2. laminate the spinner
  3. give the kids a paper clip
  4. give the kids a recording sheet
  5. have the kids use their pencil to make a spinner
Once the kids are set up with their gear, they are ready to go hunting for common and proper nouns. First, they need to spin the spinner to find out what kind of noun they need to write. Next, they need to determine whether they need to write a person, a place, or a thing. Next, they need to determine if they need to write a common or proper noun. Oh! and remember to write a capital letter if it is a proper noun! Finally, they find a letter that doesn't have a word written next to it and write the word. Simple and so much fun!

There are two different versions of the spinner that you can choose from. One has a Halloween theme (hence the name of the product), and one is more general and also adds in Canada Day for our Canadian friends up north. Take a look!

common and proper nouns